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In today’s world, the most abundant source of clean water is all around us in the air we breathe. With Skywater®’s patented advanced air-to-water technology, water vapor is extracted from the air and condensed into clean, fresh, potable water.


Skywater® machines are atmospheric water generators that use a patented process to condense moisture from the atmosphere making fresh clean drinking water.   Each Skywater® model produces fresh drinking water every day, enough for a household, office or an emergency relief effort, and can do so more efficiently than any other method of moisture extraction technology in the market. 


Skywater® can continually and sustainably extract water vapor out of the air without impacting the planet by using Mother Nature's own natural process of moisture condensation. 

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Skywater®’s unique patented water vapor extraction process is called " Adiabatic Distillation". This process creates a condensation chamber within each Skywater® machine, using a proprietary configuration of heat exchangers to maintain the temperature at which airborne vapor condenses commonly referred to as the Dew Point. This process allows water to be collected even in low humidity conditions.

By maintaining the dew point within the chamber and continuously drawing in moisture laden ambient air, Skywater® machines are an energy efficient source of fresh, clean drinking water even in places where no other apparent source of water exists.

Skywater® is an environmentally friendly water-making-machine, that can produce up to 300 gallons of water from air per day without impacting the planet’s limited water supply.

The systems can contain filters to increase purity, maintain pH and add nutrients. It is rainwater in a box, even in the desert.

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The Earth gets its blue color from the water which covers 71% of its surface.  However, 97% of the water on earth is in the oceans, and of the remaining 3%, half is frozen in the polar ice caps. The remaining 1.5% is Earth's supply of fresh water, and it is being consumed at an unsustainable rate. Water is being removed from ground sources 15x faster than it is being replenished. 

​However, there is more fresh water in the atmosphere than in all of the rivers, lakes and streams of the planet combined (Source: U.S. Geological Survey). 

This is a tremendous opportunity.


Skywater can supply the world's population with Fresh, Clean Water from the Sky. 

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Together with its dedicated and professional team of workers, Skywater will become the main Water Supplier for your needs. We supply our clients with the finest quality.

No matter what your situation is, Skywater is here to take care of all your water needs.

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Industry Recognition

It is sometimes hard for us to believe how much we’ve done through out the years since we were founded. That is why it is so nice to have little reminders of our work. We continue to make water our top priority and can’t tell you how much we appreciate it when it’s noticed. Here are some of our stories of our successes. 


"Hertz does not need all the water his unit produces (as much as a hundred and fifty gallons a day), so he directs the excess into large drums that water more than eighty vegetable boxes throughout his Venice neighborhood, which, though gentrifying, is still gritty...."

Xprize winner harvests drinking water from the air

A high-volume water generator that can create water out of precipitation, and can be used in any climate. The culmination of a two-year water extraction competition, the Skysource/Skywater Alliance was awarded for developing the machine that can produce, at minimum, 2,000 liters of water per day from the atmosphere using 100 percent renewable energy.


Learn why we’re a leader in the industry!

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