Skywater® 300

Skywater® 300 High Volume is capable of producing up to 300 gallons per day (1100 liters) and can be easily bundled together to produce large volumes.
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Skywater® Harmony

Alkaline-Ionized water. The Worlds finest Atmospheric Water Generator that makes clean, pure, fresh and healthy water. The Harmony produces water with a PH of 8.
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How does Skywater® make water from air? Actually, it's simple:

The most abundant source of fresh water is the Earth’s atmosphere. When atmospheric humidity condenses, it turns into rain. Skywater® replicates this natural process of condensation by simulating the dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions. This is Skywater®'s patented adiabatic distillation process.

Imitating nature again, Skywater generates ozone to purify the water. Ozone (O3), a natural occurring gas that is produced in nature when it rains, binds with water to eliminate bacteria and other impurities. Skywater does this by pumping ozone through the water as it is collected. Unlike other water treatment methods such as chlorine, ozone leaves no taste.

In the Skywater machines, the Ozone generator purifies the water for all uses including drinking, you can add carbon filters to enhance purity and taste as an option available through select distributors*. In the Skywater® 14 home/office machine, the water is further purified in the final stages through a high quality carbon filter to improve taste.

The Skywater® 300 produces up to 300 gallons (1100 liters) per day, depending on the relative humidity and temperature. At lower temperatures the machine requires more humidity and at higher temperatures less humidity is required. It requires no existing water supply, just the electricity from the municipal power grid or generator.

*Carbon filters are not included standard on the Skywater® 300 water making machine. Select distributors offer a variety of filter options as an added-on feature.

150 Cube


The 150 Cube uses patented air-to-water technology to produce up to 150 gallons (568 liters) per day of fresh drinking water from humidity in the air.
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Skywater® Military

Skywater Government-Military Use Island Sky® has customized the Skywater® 300 to military specification to be durable and dependable even in the toughest, remote, conditions.
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Skywater® ESU

Emergency Service Unit (ESU-20) is a crisis ready, emergency water generator that can deliver up to 900 gallons of pure drinking water daily.
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